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LTAD for Parents

Posted in 2011-2012, LTAD, Parents on February 13, 2012 by DurhamAttack

Primer to LTAD for parents, and what is important for my child to develop properly.  Thanks to Lawrence Flynn who found this for us.

LTAD for Parents


Resistance Training for Adolescents

Posted in 2011-2012, LTAD, Physical Training on November 11, 2011 by DurhamAttack

The physical training  our teams undergo is considered ‘best practice’ by our provincial sport organizations and competing clubs.  It is conducted by individuals, such as Mike Slean, who have made this their profession.

There are sometimes questions about our training techniques and their applicability to our younger athletes.  There is a large body of scientific research dispelling old myths and supporting the suitability and benefits of resistance training for children and adolescents.  This paper from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology is a starting point, if you are interested in learning more.


Please speak to Mike if you would like more information.

Win a Hundred Bucks and HUGE Bragging Rights!

Posted in 2010-2011, Alumni, Athlete Development & LTAD, Clinics, Coaches, Fanwear, Fundraising, House League & SPIKES, LTAD, Parents, Permit cancellation, Physical Training, Procedures, Sitting Volleyball, Summer Camp, Tournaments, Tryouts, Uncategorized on March 19, 2011 by DurhamAttack

Many sports clubs don’t last ten years.  But we have something really special here at DA that our athletes, parents and alumni believe in, and we will celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2012!  To comemorate the occasion we are planning to produce really SPECIAL clothing for our 2011-2012 season.

We are looking for a logo and slogan design that reflects our values, our achievements, and the culture of our club in all that we do – competitively, recreationally, and with our emerging programs such as Sitting Volleyball.

In return, you can win a Hundred Bucks cash, some SWAG, and bragging rights for an eternity.

Take a look at our design contest…  Durham Attack 20th Anniversary Contest

Competition is a Good Servant…

Posted in 2010-2011, Athlete Development & LTAD, Coaches, LTAD, Parents on November 20, 2010 by DurhamAttack

Nov 20, 2010.  Potential negative impacts of competition on athlete development, if the desire to win is not taken in balance with other objectives.  Part of a continuing series on athlete development.

>>> Competition is a Good Servant But a Poor Master <<<

Quebec Swimming’s Success With LTAD

Posted in 2010-2011, Athlete Development & LTAD, Coaches, LTAD, Parents on November 13, 2010 by DurhamAttack

Nov 13, 2010.  Case study from Quebec Swimming.  Part of a continuing series on athlete development.

>>> Quebec Swimming Success Via LTAD <<<

The Agony of DeParent

Posted in 2010-2011, LTAD, Parents on November 6, 2010 by DurhamAttack

Nov 6, 2010.  Great article from John Kessel, as usual he sees things so clearly.

One of a continuing series of athlete development articles.

>>> The Agony Of Deparent <<<

Burning Out

Posted in 2010-2011, Coaches, LTAD, Parents on October 30, 2010 by DurhamAttack

Oct 30, 2010.  It’s a long road from 13u to 18u, especially with Beach volleyball all summer, regional team, provincial teams and summer camps.  Athletes need rest and recovery, and time off to chill.  Interesting article out of the US.  I’ve had this article for awhile, I believe it came from Merv Mosher, former York University coach, Pan Am games coach, and one of the most respected coaches in the country.

One of a continuing series of athlete development articles.

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